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Full Service Dental Clinic in Scituate

For All Your General, Cosmetic & Restorative Dental Needs

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Same-Day Emergency Dental Care

Broken, Cracked, Knocked-Out Teeth

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    full service dental office

    Dental Office

    Our Scituate dental office provides a wide span of orthodontic, cosmetic, and surgical dental services to our patients. In addition, we also provide med-spa services such as fillers, cosmetic injectables, and face lifting. Contact us to request an appointment with a dentist near you today!

    advanced technology provided

    Advanced Technology

    Our dentists in Scicuate MA utilize advanced dental technology such as the CEREC Milling System for same-day dental restorations, laser dentistry, a digital intraoral scanner, and 3D X-rays (CBCT) to provide our patients with the highest level of dental care.

    affordable payment plans

    Payment Plans

    At Scituate Smiles Dental Clinic, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality dental care at an affordable cost. Our dental clinic near you in Scituate provides in-house payment plans for patients that do not have dental insurance. Contact us to learn more about our plans.

    same-day dental emergencies

    Dental Emergencies

    Our Scituate dental office provides same-day emergency dental care to ensure our patients can receive immediate dental care. Some dental emergencies include knocked-out, chipped, cracked, and broken teeth. Please contact us as soon as you experience a dental emergency.

    Affordable In-house 12 Month Programs

    • Adult & Child:


      Program Includes

      2 Cleaning X-Rays Exams Twice Yearly

      One Emergency Covered

    • Zoom Whitening:


      Program Includes

      Both In-office & takeout

    • Implant Program:


      Program Includes

      Surgical Placement


    • Crown Program:


      Program Includes

      Complete Crown

    • Periodontics Program:


      Program Includes

      All periodontics

      Laser & maintenance for 1 year

    • Clench & Grinding:


      Program Includes


      Jaw Cosmetic Injectables therapy

    dentist in scituate

    Welcome to Scituate Smiles Dental Clinic

    Your Dentist in Scituate, MA

    Our dental clinic near you has an amazing team. At Scituate Smiles Dental Clinic, our team is filled with world-class dentists who bring the next level of dentistry to Scituate. Our doctors are recognized by leading industry organizations, and we work with the best labs, clinical partners, and safety technology to ensure you are receiving top-notch dental care. Our dentists in Scituate understand each patient is different, so we provide personalized dental care to ensure you can achieve all of your smile goals. Our dentists near you practice conservative dentistry to ensure you only receive dental treatments and care that is absolutely necessary.

    Our dentists in Scituate are dedicated to building long-lasting relationships with our patients and their families. Contact us to schedule an appointment today!

    Our dental clinic near you provides a full range of family, cosmetic, and preventative dental services and beauty applications, from regular dental cleanings to implants, neurotoxin, and fillers. Also, we offer great family dentistry.

    We prioritize your safety. Our office utilizes enhanced PPE, sanitization, health checks, and more to ensure you are safe visiting our practice.

    We accept major insurance providers such as BlueCross, MetLife, Delta Dental, BlueShield, and more for your convenience.

    Our friendly team is dedicated to ensuring you feel comfortable and confident walking in and out of our practice. If you need family dentistry or an emergency dentist near you, Scituate Smiles Dental Clinic is here. Visit our dentist near you today!

    Our Services

    guided dental implant surgery

    Guided Dental Implant Surgery

    Computer-guided dental implant surgery allows our dentists to provide accurate and precise implant placements. In addition, it also eliminates guesswork using precise surgical templates, reduces the risk of unexpected complications, promotes faster recovery, and reduces time in surgery.

    cbct same day root canal

    CBCT Same-Day Root Canal

    Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) has heightened the treatment and diagnosis process in almost every aspect of dentistry. Our team utilizes this technology to provide same-day root canal therapy for serious cases at higher accuracy and much faster speed.

    If you are searching for an emergency dentist near you, we at Scituate Smiles Dental Clinic can help.

    cerec same-day dental crowns

    CEREC Same-Day Dental Crowns

    CEREC dental crowns eliminate the wait time by allowing us to provide replacements within the same day. The CEREC Primemill Machine helps us restore your smile and the functionality of your teeth immediately.

    in-office teeth whitening

    In-Office Teeth Whitening

    Professional teeth whitening is a non-invasive and quick treatment option for patients looking to enhance their smiles. In just an hour, you can remove years of stains and discoloration from your teeth. Contact our Scituate dental office to schedule a consultation today!

    laser gum disease treatment

    Laser Gum Disease Treatment

    Aside from Scaling & Root Planing (SRP), lasers can also be used to treat gum disease. Scituate Smiles Dental Clinic utilizes laser treatments to provide precise treatment while minimizing treatment time, expedite healing, avoid reduction gum tissue, all while preserving the healthy parts of your teeth.

    dental cleanings and check-ups

    Dental Cleanings & Check-Ups

    Regular dental cleanings, oral exams, and check-ups are essential steps to promoting good oral health. We recommend visiting our dentist in Scituate every six months to ensure your teeth and gums are healthy in addition to your regular brushing and flossing. Contact us to schedule an appointment today!

    We Work with the Best, for You.


    Preventative Dentistry

    Preventative dental care is an essential step to promoting healthy smiles and lifelong oral wellness. It is recommended to visit your dentist near you in Scituate once every six months for a dental cleaning and check-up. Brushing twice a day and flossing daily are also essential to ensure your teeth and gums are healthy. At Scituate Smiles Dental Clinic, we provide dental cleanings and check-ups in a relaxing and simple way, keeping our patient's comfort in mind. Our dentists near you go above and beyond to provide personalized dental care specific to your needs.

    We also believe in educating our patients to help them better understand their oral health and build a trusting experience with dentistry overall. Our dental clinic in Scituate also offers dental x-rays, dental sealants, and fluoride treatment as additional preventative measures. Contact our Scituate dental office to schedule an appointment with our dentist near you today!

    Cosmetic Dentistry

    Our Scituate dental office provides a wide range of cosmetic dental treatments to our patients, which include dental crowns, cosmetic injections, porcelain veneers, and teeth whitening. Cosmetic injections are a great option to minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Porcelain veneers and teeth whitening can enhance your smile. Veneers can treat various dental concerns that include misalignment, discoloration, and the overall shape of your tooth. Contact us to learn more about cosmetic dental treatments.

    Restorative Dentistry

    Our Scituate dental office offers numerous restorative dental treatments to restore your smile, from dentures to dental implants to dental bridges. These dental treatments are excellent options for many missing teeth or a single missing tooth. Another restorative treatment we offer is root canal therapy, which is provided to treat infected teeth. If you need emergency restorative procedures. we offer emergency dental care. Contact our dental clinic in Scituate to schedule a consultation to determine if you are an ideal candidate for any of these procedures.

    Why Choose Us?

    Are you searching for a Scituate dentist near you? Scituate Smiles Dental Clinic is a full-service dental clinic that provides both new and existing patients with the highest level of dental care. Our experienced and skilled team prioritizes the comfort of every patient and will go above and beyond to ensure they have a positive and relaxed dental experience. Our goal is to provide patients with the tools, services, and education needed to promote long-term dental wellness and make informed decisions about their oral health. family dentistry and will help keep your family's oral health in top shape.

    When you visit Scituate Smiles Dental Clinic, you can trust that you are in good hands. Our dentists in Scituate focus on helping patients maintain healthy smiles for a lifetime. We also pride ourselves in providing conservative dentistry, only recommending treatments that are beneficial and absolutely necessary. Contact us for an emergency dentist near you, to learn more about our practice, or to schedule an appointment today.