Composite Fillings in Scituate

Composite Fillings Near You

Dental fillings are a popular form of restorative dentistry that are used to restore decayed or damaged teeth and prevent the spread of cavities and tooth decay. At Scituate Smiles, we are proud to offer our patients composite dental fillings in Scituate to help protect their oral health.

composite fillings in scituate

What Are Composite Fillings?

In the past, most dentists used silver amalgam for dental fillings. However, in more recent years, dental practices have moved away from this material and toward the material that makes up composite fillings.

Made of a mixture of tooth-colored glass and plastic, these fillings work to seal cavities while blending in with your teeth to provide you with an aesthetically pleasing and natural-looking smile.

How Are Composite Fillings Placed?

The process for getting composite fillings in Scituate is simple and quick. Your procedure will begin with our dentist near you providing you with a local anesthetic to ensure that you remain comfortable and don’t feel any pain during your procedure. Next, they will access and eliminate the decay on your tooth before sealing it with composite material. Finally, they will buff, polish, and shape the filling to ensure that it fits perfectly within your bite.

What Are the Benefits of Composite Fillings?

The biggest benefit of getting composite fillings is that they prevent the spread of decay and protect your oral health. They also:

  • Provide a natural appearance
  • Provide a long-lasting, durable solution
  • Are cost-effective

When maintained properly, composite fillings can last for many years. They are a great way to restore your oral health and maintain a radiant smile.

Interested in Composite Dental Fillings Near You?

At Scituate Smiles, we put your oral health and wellbeing above everything else. We are happy to offer composite fillings in Scituate as an effective and painless way to restore oral health and boost your confidence. Please do not hesitate to contact our team and book an appointment for composite fillings near you.